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Why Did We Start De Facto Digital Consulting?

As industry professionals, we were tired and frustrated from seeing lawyers and law firms being sold a solution that was not in alignment with their true needs and goals. 

We realized that 80% of these firms are on the wrong digital strategy.

Why? Most agencies do one thing well. And they push that one thing at the expense of other viable strategies and ultimately to the detriment of your firm’s success.

It’s the proverbial, “When your only tool is a hammer every problem looks like a nail.”

Is your digital agency doing what they say? What really works in legal marketing? How does your current strategy and tactics hold up? How can you compete and get a steady and reliable stream of leads that lead to cases?

We will show you how.

Your marketing person may be good but he/she probably is not capable of an in depth digital analysis on 10 different levels of deep insight. No shame there. Most people are not. But why tie your revenue goals to a non expert?

What can you do with our analysis? You can attempt to fix it in house, hire a new agency or even possibly fire the existing one. Whichever path you want to take, we can facilitate your transition to success.

You may be asking yourself, "Why not just have a prospective agency handle the analysis"? Quite simply, they lack the necessary objectivity. And you're inside the jar with them, and neither of you can read the label. We are selling objectivity, which comes from externality. The reason we can actually help you is that we are not in your world.

The De Facto Process

Right now you have business uncertainty because you do not currently have a predictable marketing system that can produce consistent and high level conversions.  It’s not an operational move that will explode your firm, it’s a marketing move. The goal is to have so many leads it solves every other problem. We will show you how.

Long story short...

What do you have to show for all of your years of marketing? Don’t confuse effort with results. There is no ROI on effort alone. Our job is to get you to make decisions on your marketing. And to determine where to put your resources.

Let's Dominate Together!