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Deliverables Of Our Analysis

You can expect a deep analysis across the following areas including recommendations on implementation.

PPC- Google Ad account design and deep analysis. This includes GEO strategy,

budget, settings, account settings, and ad copy. We will also consider keyword

strategy and landing page optimization, as well as identifying untapped

opportunities and strategies.

Organic SEO-We will analyze your on page SEO settings including title tags,

meta descriptions and H1, H2 Tags. We will also do a website content analysis

and keyword strategy as it pertains to important ranking factors.

Being that website strength is tied to backlinks we will also test the

relevance and usefulness of your existing links. The goal of this is to greatly

improve your Trust Flow score and Domain Rating thus allowing your site to

rank as high as possible organically.

Competitor Analysis-This is just as it sounds. Are your competitors ahead of

you in the rankings? How did they get there? What strategies and/or tactics

are they employing? What can you do to surpass them based upon your

firm’s strengths?

Website Layout-This is all about the esthetics. Is the site pleasing to the eye?

Is the firm phone number in the right place, are your main pictures above

the fold. To the average potential client is the overall design and usability of

the site conducive to conversions? Is the site understandable and appealing

to the non-lawyer layperson?

Vendor Contract Analysis-Are your vendors doing what your contract says

they should be doing? Are they reporting correct monthly data and results?

How do they report your results?

Google My Business and Local SEO-Does your GMB have Name, Address,

Phone Number (NAP) consistency across all locations? Do you have all GMB

locations optimized? If your firm is not currently in the Map (3) pack, what

can you do to get there? Do you have consistency across all local SEO like

Yelp, BBB and other local searches?

Branding and Unique Value Proposition- Quite simply, why would a client

hire you instead of the firm down the street? Are you unwittingly turning

away potential clients with your branding or lack thereof? Do you have a

differentiator? Do you or your firm have a compelling story that leads to

your UVP?

Client Facing Ops (Intake) Is the phone answered quickly and professionally?

Are calls handled by clear speaking representatives who are well trained? Do

they respond quickly? Is the form filled email responded to? Considering the

cost involved to get any potential client to call you, are you losing any

clients at this stage of the process?

Social Media-Are there any missing profiles? Is there a consistent message

across all platforms?

YouTube-Do you have a YouTube channel? Does your firm have any video

assets that can be used to create awareness ads for branding and lead

generation? There are two ways to employ YouTube in getting conversions.

Ads or stand alone videos that are keyword optimized. We will show you