Agency Client Analysis

Agency Client Analysis


You’ve been there. Your best client leaves and takes his 20K per month with him.
The best thing you can do is retain clients that you have already paid to acquire.

Not only did you pay to acquire them, now you have to pay to acquire the client to replace them.

Then pay to acquire another client on top of that to grow.

That is 2 new (expensive to acquire) clients for every one that leaves.

Retaining clients are profit drivers

Our work has positioned us at times to know when law firms were going to leave their agency months before it happened.

Now we are performing this same service of analyzing law firm marketing efforts, but for agencies.

Get in front of potential issues before they become noticeable to your clients.

We can help you have meaningful conversations with your high value clients by doing an external review which identifies areas of deficiency or opportunities for optimization.

We can also back up the good efforts you are doing by finding areas where you excel and help effectively communicate the positive work you are doing on behalf of your clients. This ensures you are receiving the credit you deserve.

Whether it be a single client or all of your clients, we can arm you with crucial information proven to increase retention and reduce churn.