De Facto Core Consulting

Years ago, members of De Facto Digital Consulting sold SEO services for a legal marketing agency.

When law firms called with marketing challenges, the recommendation was always SEO.

Years ago, members of De Facto Digital Consulting sold PPC for a legal marketing agency.

When a law firm called with marketing challenges, the recommendation was PPC.

You see where this is going.

Agencies will only pitch you on the services they provide, whether or not that service is truly the best option for your firm.

You need an honest, unbiased evaluation of your firm’s marketing strategy, and that is exactly what you get with De Facto Digital Consulting.

De Facto Digital Consulting does not offer SEO services.

We do not want to create and run your PPC campaign.

We’re not interested in handling your social media.

And we definitely are not going to make you a fancy video.

We will tell you what is working, what is going wrong, and connect you with the few experts in the field who can truly put you on the right track. If it makes sense to continue with your current marketing partners, we can provide ongoing accountability.

De Facto Core Consulting service is a deep analysis of your firm’s current digital marketing strategy and the competitive nature of your market. This provides a baseline of the current state and answers crucial questions:

  • Are your current marketing partners competent?
  • Are they doing the work?
  • Is your strategy viable?

We identify the root causes of your marketing deficiencies and back it up with relevant and easy to understand data.

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We’ll tell you on the call if your current efforts are viable whether you hire us or not.

Talk soon.

Core Consulting

De Facto Monthly Agency Accountability

Every month you cut a check to your marketing agency.

I’m sure every month they provide you details of all the success you are having as a result of their work.

But how do you know they are not just showing you the figures that paint them in a positive light?

How do you know they are sharing the full picture?

And what if something changes?

What happens if their expert PPC or SEO employee decides to go out on their own?

Or if your agency is in growth mode and all of a sudden your account team is managing the campaigns of 10-20 additional law firms?

You purchased from the A team.

Now the C team is actually doing the work on your marketing campaign.

How do you know that what happens within their business is not affecting how they handle yours?

You didn’t go to law school so that you could keep tabs on your marketing.

You need a second set of eyes on your agency to ensure great and consistent work.

We keep them honest, ensure that they are doing the work they say they are doing, doing it well, and you are not being placed on the back burner.

We help you have effective conversations with your marketing partners so you can discuss the things that actually matter and not just the metrics your agency wants to show you.

This monthly service includes:

  • Verification of data provided by the client’s agency.
  • Tracking of PPC and SEO Rankings by keywords.
  • Monitoring Traffic Volume and Traffic Value.
  • Content check-up. Is it of high quality and updated monthly?
  • Backlink Analysis – # of DR50+ backlinks and frequency of addition.
  • Competitor Analysis – How does the competition rank and what progress are they making?
  • Ongoing Intake Monitoring.
  • Industry and Google Changes impacting search results.

Often, your agency will only provide data in a favorable light.

We will give you the unvarnished truth each month in an easy to comprehend report.

Go into your monthly agency calls with your own data and agenda.

Don’t let them control the narrative.

Monthly Agency Accountability

De Facto Consulting Partner

Don’t hire an agency and don’t fire your existing agency.

Not yet anyway.

If you are like most competitive law firms, you have churned through agency after agency and received the same mediocre results time and again.

What is going to be different this time?

Maybe you have already given total control of your marketing to an agency that is not delivering.

Or, you have a CMO that is not a true expert on SEO and PPC.

Either way, you are not getting the results you are paying for and there is a reason.

The most competitive law firms in the country are spending tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on digital marketing.

For a percentage of your monthly marketing spend, De Facto Digital Consulting provides the most competitive law firms not only a plan to compete at the highest level, but a hedge against their massive monthly marketing spend.

A true partnership that does not rely on misaligned incentives, dishonesty. and metrics that don’t matter.

We’ve analyzed the biggest agencies in this industry, names you immediately know, and you’d be surprised at what really is happening.

When we uncover what is actually being done for your $50,000/month, most of our clients are shocked.

Your 50K per month campaign is likely being run by a $20 per hour employee.

This goes not just for the small or boutique agencies, but also many of the biggest names in the industry.

As part of the De Facto Consulting Partner service, we take total ownership of your firm’s marketing for 60 days. During this time we develop a strategy and a plan for implementation.

This covers branding, SEO, PPC, Intake and more.

We will get you on the right path, connect you with the best partners, and provide ongoing accountability and support for your marketing efforts.

Consulting Partner