The Truth About Digital Marketing

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John Schroeder

You are a better Lawyer, but he is a better marketer!

First, I want to make something clear…
I have no interest in creating or running a PPC ads campaign for law firms.
But I can tell you why your current ads campaign is not working.
You’ve been told that PPC and Google ads are the holy grail of digital marketing.
I might agree with that.
But there are far more ways to waste money on Google than there are to make it
But let’s face it - Google Ads are here to stay.
And that lawyer down the road who isn’t worth their salt, but has the top spot on Google, has figured it out.
The best cases don’t always go to the best lawyers, rather the best marketers.
And forget the fancy metrics that your agency provides.
The only important metric is on the balance sheet.
At De Facto Digital Consulting, we don’t offer PPC services.
We evaluate, strategize and plan, and we are not beholden to a particular fix.
We identify opportunities that make a real impact on the firm’s revenue.
If we can solve this problem, what would that be worth to you?
Let’s talk!

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