Analysis Without Bias Or Favor.

No Google Ads. No SEO. Just Brutal Honesty.

You’re A Better Lawyer, But He Is Better At Marketing.

If you are not getting the quality or the volume of cases you want, there is a reason!

You need an honest, unbiased evaluation of your firm’s marketing strategy. We tell you what is working, what is going wrong, and connect you with the few experts in the field who can truly put you on the right track.


Check out De Facto founder, John Schroeder on the Legal Mastermind Podcast:

Why Us?

We started De Facto Digital Consulting because we were frustrated and tired of seeing lawyers and law firms being sold a solution that was not in alignment with their true needs and goals.

We don’t sell services. No SEO. No PPC. No Social Media. That is why we can be completely objective in analysis and recommendations. Objectivity only exists from an outside perspective.

Your Competitors Will Wonder How You Came to Dominate Your Market

We always use the line “You’re A Better Lawyer, But He Is Better At Marketing.” But that does not have to be the case! You could be the better lawyer AND be the best marketer in your city.

You need to understand the origin of your lead issues and structure a viable strategy around what will actually produce results.

We’ve worked for agencies that pitched PPC or SEO because that is the only thing they did well. We know how that game works. We also know that a truly effective strategy consists of multiple solutions specific to your firm and practice area.

You may have a large part of your digital strategy dialed in. Yet , there is almost always an inefficiency or mistake in branding, internal systems, or strategy that is still costing you clients and 6 figure cases.

We will tell you what you need to hear. Not give you more comforting illusions that only lead to stagnation.
You don’t need another vendor. You need a truth teller.

At De Facto Digital Consulting, we provide unbiased analysis of digital marketing for personal injury law firms.

We’ve built a business off of PI lawyers’ discontent with their marketing results.

We also identify personal injury firms with underperforming marketing and get those firms connected with the few high performing marketing companies in the business.


What Our Clients Say

“Great unbiased assessment of your website SEO and PPC performance. No upsell. No BS. Facts and fixes. Period.”

Paul D'Amore

D’Amore Injury Law

“De Facto was able to provide us with an unbiased report on our company that was useful and informative. We implemented most of their changes and have already seen great results. John was very helpful and always available to answer any questions. I’d highly recommend this company to anyone looking to improve their website, advertising campaigns, and SEO!”

Lauren Cosca

Director of Marketing – Ruben Law Firm
“John at De Facto provided a very thorough and informative audit of my web site. He brought up some interesting points that no one else had ever noticed. As others have mentioned, he is available by phone and is very straight forward in his approach. Appreciated the way that he provided a video presentation and I would definitely recommend De Facto Video Consulting to any attorney for an audit.”

Merry Fountain

Fountain Law Firm


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