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We don’t provide services – We deliver outcomes

At De Facto Digital Consulting, we analyze the digital marketing efforts of competitive law firms. Tell them what’s working. What’s not. And connect them with the few experts who can put them on the right track.

About Us

About Us
The Why

You need an honest, unbiased evaluation of your firm’s marketing strategy. We tell you what is working, what is going wrong, and connect you with the few experts in the field who can truly put you on the right track.

“You’re A Better Lawyer,
But They Are Better At Marketing.”

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Why Choose Us?

Choose Us?

We started De Facto Digital Consulting because we were frustrated and tired of seeing lawyers and law firms being sold a solution that was not in alignment with their true needs and goals. We don’t sell services. No SEO. No PPC. No Social Media. That is why we can be completely objective in analysis and recommendations. Objectivity only exists from an outside perspective.

You Don’t Need Another
Vendor. You Need A Truth

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We Identify Million Dollar
Agency Mistakes On A
Weekly Basis.

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Huge Outcome, Minimal Cost.

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Analysis Without
Bias Or Favor

The only metric that really matters is on the income statement.

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what we do

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We dive into your current digital marketing – what’s working. What isn’t. And identify opportunities to capitalize on.


We present our findings in a way that makes sense to YOU and provide the metrics that actually MATTER!


We connect you with the few experts who can truly deliver.


We ensure agencies are doing what they say they are doing and help law firms hold them accountable.


We help you implement and provide a sounding board for future ideas/strategies. A true partnership moving forward with your firm’s marketing.



What Our Clients Say

I finally gave in to John’s relentless emails offering me a free quick call to discuss auditing our website performance—and glad I did! He and Kyle took the time to understand my concerns and goals and then did an excellent job of deep diving various aspects of our website. While our site is doing great, they helped us identify things we could tweak and opportunity areas where we could improve performance.

Their independent 3rd party audit truly armed us with the knowledge we needed to intelligently talk to our website provider about adjustments we needed to implement. Definitely worth giving them a call!

Jason Stephens

I finally gave in to John’s relentless…

Stephens Law Fort Worth, TX

Your Competitors
Will Wonder How You
Came to Dominate
Your Market

We always use the line “You’re A Better Lawyer, But They Are Better At Marketing.” But that does not have to be the case! You could be the better lawyer AND be the best marketer in your city. You need to understand the origin of your lead issues and structure a viable strategy around what will actually produce results.

We’ve worked for agencies that pitched PPC or SEO because that is the only thing they did well. We know how that game works. We also know that a truly effective strategy consists of multiple solutions specific to your firm and practice area. You may have a large part of your digital strategy dialed in.

Yet , there is almost always an inefficiency or mistake in branding, internal systems, or strategy that is still costing you clients and 6 figure cases. We will tell you what you need to hear.

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