John and Kyle of De Facto Digital Consulting were a breath of fresh air.  I am the owner of a personal injury firm that has been around since 1965, and we have worked with numerous agencies over the years.  As a lawyer, it is hard to understand the inner workings of what a digital marketing agency does and I certainly have gotten the runaround at times.  Often, an agency would start off great and then the results would plummet.  What I never had was an expert to look under the hood to tell me what my agency was doing right and what they were doing wrong.  That is where De Facto came in.  They analyzed my current agency’s work and gave an honest assessment of their results….they pointed out the good and the bad and made specific suggestions to help my campaigns.  They equipped me with the knowledge to go back to my agency and keep them accountable.  I continue to work with De Facto because of this great service that they provide.  These guys are the real deal.  Don’t hesitate to speak with them as they put no pressure on you whatsoever…they are just out to give you honest and useful advice on your marketing campaigns.

Steven A. Schwartz

“My law firm spends a mini fortune every month on SEO. As a solo, I don’t have a team auditing the performance of my marketing folks and I only get so much information in the monthly call with the SEO team. John and his team audited the performance of my SEO team and gave me a very succinct breakdown of their performance. Because John and team were not trying to sell me any products, I could trust what they had to say. I will continue to rely on their unbiased analysis.”

Jeremy Rosenthal

As a law firm, we had questions concerning the effectiveness of our current SEO provider and were looking for an unbiased objective opinion. Unfortunately, all of the companies who contacted us were looking to take over that work and therefore had a vested interest in the outcome. De Facto Digital Consulting provided us with an objective fact-based review of our internet presence which proved to be invaluable. They answered all of our questions, and even provided us with a supplemental report and video. I would highly recommend them.

Mark Kuminski

“I finally gave in to John’s relentless emails offering me a free quick call to discuss auditing our website performance—and glad I did! He and Kyle took the time to understand my concerns and goals and then did an excellent job of deep diving various aspects of our website. While our site is doing great, they helped us identify things we could tweak and opportunity areas where we could improve performance. Their independent 3rd party audit truly armed us with the knowledge we needed to intelligently talk to our website provider about adjustments we needed to implement. Definitely worth giving them a call!”

Jason Stephens

“Like many of you, reading these emails from De Facto Digital Consulting. I usually brushed them off as just a sales pitch. Why did I need a consultant? After all, I built and run a multi-million dollar law firm. But after having switched from one marketing company to another only to be sold on a different version of bad. A lot of marketing companies are excellent salesmen, they identify what they see as an obvious weakness and they exploit it.

With De Facto Digital Consulting and John’s services, I was able to identify exactly what was wrong with both my organic and PPC approaches. He did a detailed analysis of both my accounts and gave me recommendations to two different providers – one for SEO and one for PPC. So far those recommendations have been fantastic, they have been responsive, and there has been no BS with either company.”

Joseph Patituce

“These guys are great!! They were always available to answer all of my many (many) questions and they checked in with me after a month or so to make sure we were happy with the recommendations they provided. They gave us great advice that has helped guide us towards a more effective digital marketing plan. We interviewed several of their recommendations and just started working with a few – it’s too soon to tell if they will be that “perfect fit” for our firm but I do feel very confident that De Facto Digital Consulting gave us all of the facts and customized their recommendations for our firm’s specific needs.”

Jesse McGee

“Great unbiased assessment of your website SEO and PPC performance. No upsell. No BS. Facts and fixes. Period.”

Paul D’Amore

We highly recommend John and his company De Facto Digital Consulting.. The fee was minimal and what he found out for us was extremely valuable.
We sent the analysis he provided to our current provider and they implemented the changes to draw more clients and profitable cases to our firm.

Annette Martinez

John and De Facto are clear experts in the field of legal branding and marketing. I’ve seen their team speak on topics with complete clarity that cover the entire gamut, and I believe the contributions they provide for their clients is outstanding.

Ryan Klein

I’ve sent multiple attorneys/law firms to De Facto Digital Consulting for their unbiased opinion on marketing. I really liked their idea of consulting for lawyers, checking their SEO, PPC, Intake & Conversion, Marketing, etc. without being the company that does the work. It’s also refreshing that they give multiple options to their clients so they don’t seem to be railroaded to one idea or company, in each field.

Keith Newstrom

“John at De Facto provided a very thorough and informative audit of my web site. He brought up some interesting points that no one else had ever noticed. As others have mentioned, he is available by phone and is very straight forward in his approach. Appreciated the way that he provided a video presentation and I would definitely recommend De Facto Video Consulting to any attorney for an audit.”

Merry Fountain

“De Facto was able to provide us with an unbiased report on our company that was useful and informative. We implemented most of their changes and have already seen great results. John was very helpful and always available to answer any questions. I’d highly recommend this company to anyone looking to improve their website, advertising campaigns, and SEO!”

Lauren Cosca