The Next Big Thing! Is It Really?

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC


Agencies want to sell you the next new shiny object. They all do this because it’s easy:

Step 1. Point out an obvious problem
Step 2. Give a slightly complicated solution you can’t do yourself
Step 3. Introduce new shiny object
Step 4. Sell it
Step 5. Repeat

They do this to deflect from their core problem.

It is a defense mechanism against their own inability to do the fundamentals.

How many times has your agency, which produces mediocre results at best, come to you with the next big thing from Google?

How well did the map ads work?

LSAs worked great for the early adopters…

But how quickly did your market become oversaturated?

I doubt you are able to spend the entire LSA budget, if the campaign spends anything at all.

The best play is sticking with the tried-and-true organic SEO and paid ads.

These will produce consistent results provided you have an agency that is competent and gives your firm the attention it pays for and deserves.

Don’t buy into it just because it’s “the next big thing”.

If your marketing agency isn’t producing meaningful results using SEO or PPC, there is a reason.