Your Sauce Ain’t So Secret

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC


At first you were the agency’s only PI client in your metro.

But something changed and you have definitely noticed.

Is the secret sauce you are paying for being spread around to your competition?

How many PI clients is your agency working with in your market?

Is it one?



Depending on the structure of your agency, it could be any of those possibilities.

But is this really a problem?

Imagine this.

Your competitor is paying the same marketing agency that you are paying.

This month that competitor is 10 spots behind you in Google search results

What if they are only five spots behind three months from now?

What happens if they catch up with you entirely?

Is this a problem?

It’s your money, you tell me.

Something to think about if you haven’t already…

At first look, it should not matter who is doing the work.

People search Google regardless of who your agency is and who their clients are.

All agencies have their own strategy and all try to drive leads to their clients.

If you are paying 10K-20K to run a strategy, this may ring hollow.

And if you are like most law firms, you’ve met with agency after agency who sells you on why they are going to be different.

You want your agency to only work with and for you.