Steven A. Schwartz

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

John and Kyle of De Facto Digital Consulting were a breath of fresh air.  I am the owner of a personal injury firm that has been around since 1965, and we have worked with numerous agencies over the years.  As a lawyer, it is hard to understand the inner workings of what a digital marketing agency does and I certainly have gotten the runaround at times.  Often, an agency would start off great and then the results would plummet.  What I never had was an expert to look under the hood to tell me what my agency was doing right and what they were doing wrong.  That is where De Facto came in.  They analyzed my current agency’s work and gave an honest assessment of their results….they pointed out the good and the bad and made specific suggestions to help my campaigns.  They equipped me with the knowledge to go back to my agency and keep them accountable.  I continue to work with De Facto because of this great service that they provide.  These guys are the real deal.  Don’t hesitate to speak with them as they put no pressure on you whatsoever…they are just out to give you honest and useful advice on your marketing campaigns.