The Expert Has Left the Building

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC


When you signed with your current agency the future was positive.

The cases were going to begin rolling in!

And they may have at first, but are they still?

You are still paying them thousands of dollars every month.

That certainly hasn’t changed.

But the good times are now over and you left wondering exactly what is going on over there.

I used to work at an agency that sold PPC for lawyers.

It worked great because we had the best PPC guy in the industry.

Clients were very happy with the high-level cases coming in.

It stopped working because the expert eventually left that agency.

It is hard to replicate the truly gifted in any industry.

The issue is anybody that is great at SEO and/or PPC eventually leaves and either starts their own agency or takes an in-house job at a big PI firm.

This is the reason you may have started out with good results but now are floundering.

The talented people are gone and you are left with the mediocre.

I’ve seen it happen over and over.

If you are aligned with the right people this rarely happens.