“90% Of Everything Is Crap.”

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

Including Your Digital Marketing

It is known as Sturgeon’s Law

And It has been said many different ways.

“The bad abounds, and the good is rare”. Voltaire

“Four-fifths of everybody’s work must be bad, but the remnant is worth the trouble for its own sake”. Kipling

In general, the vast majority of the work that is produced in any given field is of low quality.

Legal marketing is no exception.

But, if you finally get it right you can have the cases that you dream about.

Your firm depends upon marketing.

It’s a business.

Your payroll, your bills, your reputation. Your potential cases.

Your firm’s future is tied to the quality of your digital marketing strategy and its execution.

Not only do most agencies fail with digital strategy but they don’t put the big numbers into proper context.

It’s called “Denominator Blindness”.

Put simply, information that provides only a numerator is of limited use.

We have worked for agencies, and we know what they do.

Your digital marketing falls in one of two categories.

It’s either totally ineffective or it is not fully optimized.

Either way you’re not getting what you are paying for.

At De Facto Digital Consulting we constantly identify what’s broken, and our only bias is for action to fix it.

Stop settling.