Your Agency Is Making More Money Than You.

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

On the surface it appears fine.

The agency has a great reputation.

A charismatic sales guy sold your firm on SEO, or PPC.

He was on the A team.

Now what happens?

The C team is running your expensive marketing campaign.

You’ve been placed on the back burner.

You are now client number 88.

In order to scale, businesses need repeatable processes.

Often that means creating a templated approach to digital marketing.

But for your money, you deserve a strategy tailored to your goals, your practice area, and your market.

We’ve seen 7 and 8 figure agencies botch campaigns through neglect and indifference.

If you ran your law firm the way they churn and burn clients, you’d be out of business.

Someone has to hold them accountable and you are too busy being a lawyer.

At De Facto Digital Consulting, we do not offer PPC or SEO or any advertising services.

We identify million dollar agency mistakes on a weekly basis.

The good news is we also identify opportunities for our PI clients that enable them to dominate their market.

If you are ready to break from the status quo, we’re here to help.