Get Busy Ranking Or Get Busy Dying

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

Can your agency rank multiple personal injury firms in the same competitive market?

In theory, yes. But in practice, highly unlikely.

How about the boutique SEO agency that is getting amazing results for their marquee client?

Sometimes these agencies catch lightning in a bottle and it is not repeatable for your firm.

The proverbial one hit wonder.

How can your agency guarantee high level work without guaranteeing exclusivity?

Maybe you don’t want your agency working with your direct competition.

Do you even know who your SEO agency is working with?

Maybe 2-3 of your fiercest competitors.

You are both paying the agency.

But, who is getting the A level work?

The guy who pays them the most.

No surprise there, but why should you be relegated to second fiddle?

95% of agencies are enriching themselves and not you, the client.

Most of the tactics they are pitching don’t work.