Lawyers, You Didn’t Sign Up For This

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

You are a lawyer.

Your job is to help your clients in their legal matters during a difficult time in their lives.

You didn’t spend years in law school so that you could worry about your firm’s marketing.

You didn’t sign up for this – So you have hired that task out.

But how can you possibly hold your marketing partners accountable to ensure your budget is getting the return it commands?

95% of agencies are enriching themselves but not you, the client.

How many times are you going to hire someone new only to get the same mediocre results?

At De Facto Digital Consulting, we don’t offer SEO services, Paid Ads, or social media marketing.

We analyze your current marketing, tell you what is working, what is going wrong, and then connect you with the few experts in the field who can truly put you on the right track.

For a small (one time) percentage of your monthly spend, we can do most of our work without troubling you for logins or access.

Stop doubling down on the wrong strategy.

>Subject: What is Your Agency Up To?

Hard to tell, because there is no transparency.

And your firm probably depends on a constant stream of high level PI cases.

What if the obstacles to monthly case volume were removed?

Or, at the very least, you actually knew what your agency was doing?

I spoke recently with a former account manager of one of the biggest agencies in the business.

He handled 120 accounts.

He ran their SEO campaigns.

One guy – 120 accounts.

Imagine if one of those accounts was yours?

How much attention is being paid to your firm?

I can answer that for you.

Little to none. And little just left the building.

Plus, they are likely selling the same strategy to your competitors down the street?

What about leads that should be going to you?

Are you sure they are not being sold or directed elsewhere?

Have you heard the phrase “Trust, but verify”?

How do you trust those who will not allow you to verify?

What do they have to hide?

The big companies have proprietary software that runs your PPC and SEO campaigns.

This allows them to maintain control of the information that they won’t share with you.

It is essentially a “black box” and you don’t have access.

I’ve seen inside their client portal.

It is not giving you the whole story.

Your PPC and SEO data should not be a mystery to you.