I’m sure you are completely satisfied with the results your marketing agency is providing.

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

I’m sure you are completely satisfied with the results your marketing agency is providing.

You’re not?

I’ll tell you one of many reasons why.

Take a look at the employee list at your agency?

How many people do they have doing SEO work?

How many people are doing PPC?

3 or 4?

Now, how many clients do you think they have?

It could be anywhere from 40 to 400.

How are they handling this high volume?

It could be that they are farming out the work.

Is some guy in the Philippines writing your content?

They might be giving their top clients the attention YOU are paying for.

At De Facto Digital Consulting, we help lawyers hold their marketing agencies accountable.

We do not offer any services like SEO or PPC, which allows us to be completely objective.

This allows us to identify the true issues holding back your marketing efforts.

Stop waiting to address these problems.

You’re Paid On Results. Your Agency Isn’t.

Are you familiar with the 95-5-90 rule?

95% of marketing agencies are not good.

5% are.

It takes 90 days to figure out which is which.

You might be $40k in the hole by then.

We make a living auditing the work of big agencies that make big promises.

We know who delivers and who doesn’t.

Whether it’s PPC or SEO, we connect PI lawyers with people who do great work all the time.

Stop paying for second rate results.

Stop hiring the wrong people.

Let’s talk.

Does Your Firm Want Clicks Or Clients?


It’s no accident when a law firm appears on page one of Google search results.

Being visible on as many channels as possible is how you position yourself to get the most and best personal injury cases.

Instead of one bite at the apple you get multiple.

How do you get this visibility?

Proper strategy, fundamentals and most importantly, accountability.

Either your in-house team or agency is deploying the proper digital marketing tools to capture 7 figure cases or they are not.

You’re too busy being a lawyer to monitor their efforts.

But you’re still paying monthly for their work.

Do you want to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for?

Does your firm want the benefits that come with page one visibility?

In order to get there, you must have clarity and accountability.

Measuring success is important.

But true success is measured on the income statement and not some meaningless metrics like clicks and conversions.

Metrics and KPIs should not be as undecipherable as hieroglyphics.

There are just as many opportunities to shoot at the wrong targets.

When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.

Then you are incentivizing for the wrong result.

Do you want to hold your marketing team accountable?

Subject: The Only Important Metric Is The Balance Sheet

Clicks? Impressions? Who Cares?


The old joke in the digital marketing industry is “where do you bury dead bodies? On the 2nd and 3rd page of Google search results”.

If you are not on the first page of Google, you are not making money.

If you are not on the first page of Google numerous times, you are leaving money on the table.

Do you have first page visibility on Google?

Do you have first page visibility on all digital channels?


Google Ads?

Map Pack?

Organic SEO?

Why not?

You do not have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

While many law firms may rank highly on one or two channels, very rarely are they completely dialed with all available opportunities.