The charismatic CEO that sold you?

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

He has passed your campaign on to an underling.

You now have a $20 an hour employee managing your $30,000 a month campaign.

Some agencies spend a small fortune on “client experience” (ass kissing) because they know their work doesn’t hold up.

We do a deep and rigorous analysis on all aspects of your digital marketing and client facing systems. Find untapped potential in your market and practice area, uncover bad strategy and technical errors keeping you from vastly increasing your client base and revenue. What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed. Don’t confuse effort with results. There is no ROI on effort alone. Instead of solving 1 problem let’s solve 10. Think of it as marketing GPS. Once you have your coordinates and a map you can go anywhere.

A plan is nothing without taking action. Depending on your market and budget we will recommend the appropriate fixes, long term strategy and best practices to finally bring repeatable success. We are going to give you actionable advice that will end up making you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the foreseeable future. It’s not an operational move that will explode your firm, it’s a marketing move. The goal is to have so many leads it solves every other problem. Our job is to get you to make decisions on your marketing. And to determine where to put your resources.

Implementation means introductions and keeping the continuity from strategy to execution. The solution naturally follows the recommendation with the necessary integrity. Having worked with many in the industry we know who the best really are. We also know who to avoid. We will make the appropriate introductions and facilitate your future success. When your ROI becomes predictable, this whole search-and-hire process becomes a thing of the past.