Lawyers – We Know You Have Felt This Way.

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

Hey, we know the game.

We’ve spoken with hundreds of lawyers and the vast majority of them are underwhelmed with their marketing results.

We’ve also worked for the agencies that are currently failing you.

We know the reasons behind the lack of consistency and success.

What about the legal marketing Internet gurus?

Their old clients are coming to us to diagnose their advertising problems.

The charismatic CEO that sold you?

He has passed your campaign on to an underling.

You now have a $20 an hour employee managing your $30,000 a month campaign.

Some agencies spend a small fortune on “client experience” (ass kissing) because they know their work doesn’t hold up.

If you like them, you won’t fire them despite the mediocre results.

That’s the idea anyway.

Wouldn’t some oversight be nice?

The bottom line is – you only care about your bottom line.

But your agency doesn’t necessarily have the same goal.

If you leave, there is always another unsuspecting law firm they can sign.

It is a numbers game to them.

But, the odds are not in your favor.

You don’t need someone else to pitch you the same services.

You need clarity on your current marketing strategy.

You need someone to tell you what is and what isn’t working and provide you with actionable recommendations.