Money For Nothing And Clicks For Free?

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

You are working hard.

Depositions, trying cases, running your business, serving people in need.

But what is your agency doing?

I speak from experience when I say pretty much nothing related to your account.

No real content. No links. Poor user experience. Generic strategy.

I’ve seen it when I worked for an SEO company.

10k per month for next to nothing.

A blog post and some updated anchor text.

No input and no output.

It’s not even garbage in – garbage out.

It’s nothing in so nothing out.

We just finished an analysis of a BIG P.I. firm in the North East.

Of their website’s 459 referring domains, only 24 had been added since 2016.

From 2021, virtually no work had been done.

The big time agency that the big time firm hired was doing literally no work, yet cashing massive checks every month.

Is this happening to you?

We help law firms hold their agencies accountable.