The Wrong Partner Will Cost You. Choose Wisely.

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

Choosing the right partners is the ultimate business hack.

But what if you get it wrong?

When it comes to the marketing of your law firm, choosing the wrong agency could mean tens of thousands of dollars in wasted budget and missed opportunities.

But what if you get it right?

It only takes a few big cases each month to put your firm on a completely new level.

What’s keeping you from achieving that?

It’s your agency that spends more time thinking of ways to get new clients for themselves than thinking of how to get you the results you’re paying for.

At De Facto Digital Consulting, we tell lawyers where their money is really going and what opportunities are being missed.

We don’t offer SEO services, Paid Ads, or social media marketing.

We analyze your current marketing, tell you what is working, what is going wrong, and then connect you with the few experts in the field who can truly put you on the right track.

Stop doubling down with the wrong partners.