This Lawyer’s Agency “Goldbricked” Him

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

Did your agency do any work on your SEO or paid ads campaigns this week?

How about this month?

I’m sure you have paid their bill.

What if they hadn’t touched your marketing in over a year?

Seems absurd to even suggest, right?

Here is a true story:

We recently finished an audit for a PI client spending 17K per month on Google ads.

His agency did not want to give us access to his PPC account. `

We were going to steal their secret sauce.

We were not qualified to check their work.

On and on and on attempting to discredit De Facto Digital Consulting and the work we do.

Once we gained access to the account it didn’t take us long to find out the real reason.

This lawyer’s account had not been touched in 3 years.

Essentially, his campaign was running a 2019 Google strategy in July of 2022.

Massive amounts of money being wasted and opportunities being missed.

Is this you?

Maybe, maybe not.

But a second set of eyes can keep this from happening and keep your strategy optimized.

This is what we do.