Leads Problem? Or Agency Problem?

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC


Are you as amused as we are by those fancy agencies that blast you all over social media about the LEADs problem you supposedly have?

Agencies are primed to do one thing.

Convince you that you have a marketing deficiency.

And you might, but often not for the reasons they think.

“You need to 10x your leads”, they exclaim.

Like wanna be Grant Cardone‘s, they expand their business and their leads with your money.

And they will attempt to solve it with their “Cutting Edge” SEO or PPC or hacks.

We’ve been doing this a long time just like you.

We both know that there are no hacks.

Just the proper strategy.

The funny thing is, once you are their client, your leads problem miraculously goes away!

But does it really?

If you complain that the problem remains, they get defensive.

They dissemble and deflect.

Because they can’t fix it with their tactics/strategy.

And they never could.

Do you want to know the true source of your marketing challenges?

We can help you address the real problems from analysis to implementation.

You will finally have that clarity.

The cases you really want to work will become a reality.