The Only Important Metric Is on The Balance Sheet

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC


It probably happens every month.

That creeping feeling of wasted time and buyers’ remorse.

You’ve felt it…

Right before you decide whether or not to remove the autopay going from your account to your agency.

Or, on the monthly progress call with your agency.

Your eyes are glossing over when you are trying to decipher the metrics they provide.

You don’t care about impressions, clicks, bounce rate, blah blah…

Why don’t they ever talk to you about revenue?

I can tell you through experience there are definite reasons why your marketing is not delivering.

People far smarter than I can explain that if you’re flying somewhere and you’re off course by just one degree you are not going to get to your intended destination.

Much like organic SEO and PPC, the devil is in the details, and most definitely in the settings.

And your agency is focusing on the wrong factors that will ensure your success.

Or, they are asleep at the switch.

It’s the difference between getting the cases you really want and losing out to your better situated competitors down the block.