Would Your Clients Tolerate Poor Performance?

De Facto Digital Consulting, LLC

Then Why Do You Tolerate It From Your Agency?

Does the list below describe your marketing agency?

  • The people working on your campaign are highly skilled and diligent.
  • Your campaign is the most important to them.
  • The monthly data they provide actually means something.
  • They are singularly focused on you, the client.
  • They produce meaningful results.
  • 90% of their clients are seeing great results.
  • They create certainty so you can relax.
  • You are getting their “A” team working your campaign
  • They care about your marketing more than you do
  • More money spent produces greater results.
  • They work equally hard in months 9 through 12 as in months 1 through 3 of your campaign.
  • They believe digital marketing has many components and not just what they sell.
  • Their agency is the best in the industry.
  • If you question them they address your concerns rather than shifting blame.

Most likely it does not.

Why is their perception of themselves different from yours?

They are failing you on basic expectations.